CRM Sales Training & Development

Many of today’s Customer Relationship Management systems are so intricate & extensive, most employees don’t know where to begin. Though you may not feel the need to utilize every feature & function of your CRM, it’s important your team at least master the essentials along with any tools that are intended to improve your customers’ experience & their overall relationship with your business.

It is also important to keep in mind that you’re paying a large monthly fee to use your CRM’s services. There’s not much sense in spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a month to not realize any return on your investment.

Digital Marketing & CRM Integration

The CRM is a great way to facilitate alignment between marketing & sales. A digital advertising strategy that “stops” at the conversion is nothing less than a waste of money. To maximize advertising ROI, we ensure your CRM’s infrastructure is designed to complement your ad content & seamlessly guide prospects through the final phases of the buying cycle.

Follow-up Workflows

We build your internet, phone, & walk-in follow-up workflows into your CRM to help your sales associates efficiently guide prospects from initial contact to purchase. A sales associate has a lot on their plate (especially if he/she is managing over 30 leads a month) & manual, consistent follow-up can feel overbearing, stressful, & often-times, unrealistic. Don't let one more potential sale slip through the cracks for the sake of your business, customers, & employees.

Training & Support

As former sales professionals, we can’t think of anything more frustrating & discouraging than not knowing how to effectively navigate & utilize a Customer Relationship Management system. We train your team to a level of proficiency with your CRM’s most essential functions & features. With our support, your employees can focus on serving your customers rather than spending chunks of their days trying to figure out how to insert a product link in a customer email response.

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