Social Media Advertising

As of January 2018, approximately 67% of US internet users use Facebook (Statista). 70% of active Facebook users log on daily, and 43% are doing so several times a day (Paw Research Center). With that said, advertising your products and services on Facebook should no longer be considered an option, but a necessity.

Additionally, bidding for keyword real-estate on popular search engines is becoming increasingly expensive. Facebook and Instagram’s ad space is not yet supersaturated, making these platforms an affordable complement to your overall advertising strategy and digital ROI.

Facebook Catalogs

Catalogs are a fantastic way to showcase your products without users having to leave the Facebook platform. Catalogs are created through data feeds and allow businesses to categorize inventory based on similar characteristics using Collections. For instance, if you sell both men’s and women’s designer shoes, you would have a Women’s Collection and Men’s Collection. Collections are compelling because they also contain unique targeting capabilities. Let us put your inventory to work for you today with Facebook Catalogs!

Dynamic Facebook Ads

Dynamic Facebook ads utilize your Facebook Catalog to generate product ads based on user behavior automatically. Much like Google Display remarketing ads, Facebook identifies users who have engaged with your website (via the Facebook tracking pixel), then serves relevant product ads on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform within the Audience Network. Implementing Dynamic Facebook ads along with display remarketing ads is a surefire strategy for maximizing digital advertising ROI.

Facebook & Instagram Custom Audience Ads

Most of today's businesses are underutilizing one of their most valuable assets - the customer database. With Facebook and Instagram's custom audience features, your company will no longer fall into this category. We identify touchpoint opportunities based on your customer's prior purchases and behavior, extract and upload the unique data to your Facebook ad account, then create personalized ads and offers for that audience. Nurturing yesterday's customer should always take priority over romancing tomorrow's "potential" customer - after all, /tomorrow may never come.

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