Email Sales Training & Development

Your sales associates should be as comfortable sending a professional, well-crafted email as they are placing a client call. We show your team how effective email communication can help them achieve & surpass their sales goals. We focus on training email best practices as well as essential email components such as engaging subject lines, relevant media & hyperlinks, & response-generating calls-to-action.

Email Templates

Though we don’t believe in automating everything, we do think templates are an excellent guide for sales associates - especially for initial customer interactions. We create email response templates for each lead form on your website along with responses that correspond with your monthly digital ads that contain promotions or specials. Most templates still require some custom text or user input, however, which brings us to the next section - formatting.

Typing Speed & Efficiency

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Your customers are constantly bombarded with emails from companies vying for their attention everyday (a typical office worker receives an average of 121 emails/day - templafy). With that much information, customers have almost no choice but to look for reasons to “weed out” emails not worthy of their inbox. Misspellings, incorrect grammar, misuse of punctuation, even variations in text font or style are great ways to be put in the “not worthy” category. Respect your customers & their inboxes by taking the time to write professional, legible, & value-added emails.

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