Search Engine Marketing

Let’s set the record straight: Every digital advertising agency has access to the same Google Adwords and/or Bing Ads tools. Do not be deceived by providers who describe their services in complex, industry terms or who make misleading claims using expressions such as, “our technology.”

Google & Bing’s platforms allow us (and yes, every other US advertiser) the option to implement powerful tools such as; inventory-based ad management, automated ad generation, automated bidding, geofencing, “in market” audience targeting, etc. With that said, it takes much more than utilizing the tools above to differentiate from the competition. Luckily, that’s our specialty:

"Would They Pay" Test

We apply this "test" to each of your ads before publication. The criterion is simple - imagine if customers had to pay Google everytime they wanted to click an ad instead of the businesses providing the ad. In this "what if" scenario, customers would be much more methodical and selective about their click behavior. Using this mindset, we compare your ads against your competitors' current running ads. We then ask ourselves, "would they pay" to click this ad over the other options on the search engine results page? If not, then back to the drawing board!


Custom, relevant ad extensions are integral to a successful digital ad. Ad extensions not only provide more information to the customer; they also increase your Quality Score on Google and Bing. Every text ad in your account contains ad extensions that are specific to the user's search query. If your ad text alone doesn't provide the information the user's looking for, one of the many ad extensions probably will!

Keyword Identification & Updates

Keyword identification and updating is an ongoing process. The rising popularity of digital assistants on mobile apps and other devices is changing consumer behavior. It is estimated that 50% of all searches will be performed through voice search by 2020 (ComScore). This trend is giving rise to more "conversational," specific search queries. The days of simple, one-three word search terms and expressions will be soon behind us. We make sure each of your ad groups include long-tailed, granular keywords to capture both text and voice-conducted searches.


Not every search is created equal. Though there are extenuating circumstances, many searches are conducted by users that don't have the intention, resources, or interest to become a potential buyer. We only serve your ads to REAL potential buyers who closely match your product or services' buyer persona(s). Let your competitors pay for the click from the user that's "just curious" so you can focus on paying for the click from the user that's "just buying."

Display Remarketing

Stay "top of mind" with your website visitors throughout the full buying cycle with remarketing display ads. After a user has visited a product display page or other applicable pages on your site, image ads of that and related products will appear on other websites & apps the user visits within the Google Display Network. Remarketing display ads receive much higher click-through rates than non-targeted display ads. Not to mention, they're a great way to guide previous visitors to the next phase of the buying cycle.

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